Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blacsktone Valley Greenway - Bike Path UPDATES

In the history of the bike path through the Blackstone River Greenway, October 2012 was a month to celebrate.

Major Notes from October:
October 2012 was busy, and great things were happening for the Blackstone River Greenway!
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The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation hosted a long-awaited Groundbreaking Ceremony in October. 
With nearly a hundred people on hand, state and local political leaders heralded the work which began this fall to reconstruct a number of bridges in Segment 1, located in Blackstone, Millville and Uxbridge, MA.  The design for this segment of the bike path through the Blackstone River Greenway is wrapping up, and DCR hopes to see additional construction through 2013.

In addition to the groundbreaking ceremony on October 11th, the Woonsocket RI City Council voted on October 15 to designate a temporary on-road bike route through that City while the official Blackstone River Bike route is in design.  The on-road route will be marked with signage, and also with “sharrows” painted on the roadways.
Sharrows are shared lane pavement markings.  They are graphics showing that bicycles are welcome in the travel lane of a roadway.  Of course, this is nothing new, as bicycles are intended to be travelling in the travel lanes of a roadway.  The pavement markings are intended to help remind motorists to share the road with other users, including bicycles. 
Many thanks to the NeighborWorks Blackstone River Valley, which is providing the funding for this work through a grant program.  Thanks, as well, to the Blackstone Valley Tourism Council for making their sharrow stencil available for this project.

We hope that the signage and stencils will be installed in the early spring 2013.